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Beach Umbrellas

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Will you be writing a blog?

Producing articles and blog posts are a great way to improve your ranking with Google and other search engines. Put simply, the more pieces you write, the more keywords Google can use to produce your website in searches.

Will you be selling products through the website?

Select 'Yes' to this option if you want us to create an online store for you. This covers everything from a product and inventory management system, through to orders and payment gateways. Put simply, this is everything you need in order to begin selling products online via your new website.

Do you want a custom website design?

We offer two options when it comes to the look of your website. The first is a completely custom website design. This will be designed in line with your brief, your colour scheme and anything else you communicate as being important to the overall look of your business. We include an initial design consultation, followed by the delivery of a design prototype. The second option is to use an off-the-shelf template tailored to your business. The tailoring includes things like your logo, colour scheme and images, but is still somewhat generic, due to being off-the-shelf. This is still a great option

and is cheaper than a full bespoke design.

Need it search engine optimised?

Of course you want the website search engine optimised... we wouldn't build a website without it.

Need it mobile/smartphone responsive?

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Please fill out and agree to the following form to terms before project commencement. 



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